Laat je op deze website inspireren.
Ik hoop dat deze kunst en design ook jouw weg kan verbreden.
Misschien ga je zelfs anders naar de natuur kijken.
Of wat je ook mee pakt om je geestelijk te laten voeden.

About Mirjam Verbeek

During my study at the Rietveld Academy I became also profesional rock climber. I did World Competitions and was breaking records for Dutch climbinglevels. After graduating the Art Academy in Amsterdam, I traveled a lot to all kinds of climbing areas in the world. I became a professional climbingguide  and was 7 times in a row Dutch Climbing Champion.
In Amsterdam I had my art studio, in nature I found the beauty, the colours, its power and also (because of my climbingambition) the challenge and danger... The raw and beautiful landscapes were a constant source of inspiration. My canvasses are a translation of what I feel for Mother Earth.
I never catch the landscape on a technical, cognitive way. It's more an intuitive, open state of mind. To let the paint speak for itself. It's how I climb in an unknown rock formation. I try to read the structure and follow where it takes me.

So my life is a mixture of culture in the city and being in nature.
Therefor I have two adresses, in France and in the Netherlands, to work and live.

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