What is Love, 220x110 cm, oil on canvas

Frozen approach, 115x133 cm, oil on canvas, sold

Higher Self, 75x100 cm, private collection

Seeing pastlifes, 120x100 cm, oil on board, private collection.

Reincarnation 1 and 2, both 133x115 cm, oil on canvas

Man of Uranus, 95x165 cm, acrylic on canvas

Phalaenopsis meditation, 6x 30x40 cm ,oil on canvas

Speaking tree, 110x170 cm, oil on canvas

Vurig ontwaakt, 2x 24x30 cm, oil on board

Green Sun, 180x120 cm, oil on canvas, sold 

Flowers from heaven, 115x80 cm, oil on canvas, sold

Cocaleaf meditation, 40x40 cm, oil on canvas, private collection.

Van Gogh and me - Scream - China woman (sold) - Etoile sur mer (Sold), 24x30 cm, oil on canvas

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